XL Enamel La Mer Vous Garde Necklace


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Extra Large Enamel La Mer Vous Garde (The Ocean Protects You) necklace in 14k yellow gold. This necklace is a talisman inspired by antique French jewelry proclaiming, "Dieu Vous Garde," meaning God Keeps You. We know this ocean necklace will watch over you and keep you safe.

- 14K gold charm + chain
- Shimmery turquoise and white enamel
- Pendant is approximately .8 Inches long
- "Charm only" style does not include chain and is designed to be slipped onto your own necklace
- Due to the size and weight of this pendant we recommend wearing it on the lacy or large layering chains which are available HERE.
- Handmade in Los Angeles 


This item Is ready to ship and will ship within 5 business days.

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