Mobile Earrings Large Malachite Double


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Our signature mobile style, these earrings are designed to instantly brighten the face. Each candy like gem is hand selected, paired and placed to create a unique, wearable piece of art. The luxurious 14k gold connections give these earrings their swingy, natural movement and a light, wearable feel. They attach securely and comfortably with sturdy sterling silver post backings, eliminating any visible pulling on the ear. Due to the one of a kind nature of these jewels, the patterns and colors within the stones may vary. 



- 14K Gold Connections

- Sterling Silver Backing, Post, and Nut

- Malachite Stone

- Measures Approximately 1 Inch Long

- Handmade in Los Angeles

-These earrings are STUNNING on the ear. They light up the face and are truly gorgeous. They are also one of our heavier styles. For a glamorous event or a night out, we cannot imagine a better pair. If you are sensitive to large earrings, however, we recommend a different pair.



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